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Applying For Learner Permit In Melbourne

When do I apply for a learner permit in Melbourne(L)?

You will need to have a learner permit before you can start learning to drive on Melbourne roads. This permit is basically a document which will allow you to get behind the wheels of a car and out on the road along with a supervising driver or a driving instructor in Melbourne. You must be at least 16 years old before you can sit for the car learner permit test. This permit is valid for 10 years or until you get your Victorian driver license.

What can I expect during the learner permit test?

This test is a computer-based multiple choice test. You will need to answer 32 questions. You will have to secure at least 78% to pass this test.

How do I prepare for the Victorian learner permit test?

The 32 questions in this test are selected randomly from a pool of learner permit test questions.You can go through these questions in the book:Road To Solo DrivingYour driving instructor from Calvin Driving School Melbourne will also actively help you, shuld you require it, to prepare for this test.

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