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Hazard Perception Test

What can I expect during the VicRoads Hazard Perception Test?

The Hazard Perception Test is a computer based test that you will need to pass before you take your actual on-the-road drive test. This test is a simulation of the road conditions that a driver will face in real life. The Hazard Perception Test checks that you can recognize and react to hazards such as other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.It presents you with traffic scenes where new drivers are more likely to crash. A set of 28 short videos of approximately 30 seconds each will be presented to you. You will watch the video from the perspective of a driver. You must click the mouse when you think it is safe to perform the required task, unless you decide no action is required.
You must be at least 17 years 11 months before you can do the Hazard Perception Test. The test results are valid for 12 months. If you don't obtain your licence within 12 months of passing the Hazard Perception Test, you will have to sit the test again.

What is the duration of this test?

A set of 28 short videos will be shown to you in the Hazard Perceptions Test. Each video clip will be approximately 30 seconds long. You will have 45 minutes to complete the test. You will need to secure at least 54% to pass this test.

How do I prepare for this test?

Your instructor at the Calvin Driving School will prepare you thoroughly for the Hazard Perception test. During our lessons we will train you in identifying potential hazards that you might encounter on the Victorian roads. Our instructor will train you so thoroughly that locating potential road hazards to enable safe and smooth driving will become a second nature to you.
The school will also be providing you with video simulations which will help you get a feel of the Hazard Perception Test.

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