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The Safe Driver

Who is a safe driver

A safe driver is more than a person who knows all the controls in a car and uses it to navigate from point A to point B. It is a person who has mastered a practical skill which is a complex mix of skill, knowledge, understanding, awareness and attitude. Once this is mastered, safe driving will become second nature. A safe driver not only avoids mistakes, but also ensures that he does not become the victim of other's mistakes.

The profile of a safe driver


A safe driver is always in total control of the car. He will always ensure that the car is in the correct position and travelling at either the prescribed speed or at a safe speed depending on the traffic conditions. This skills usually comes with a lot of practice on the road. After ample amount of on-the-road experience, drivers generally develop 'vehicle sympathy' or a feeling of oneness with the vehicle. The vehicle will become an extension of himself and the driver will experience ease in navigation.


A good driver will know all the rules and regulations of the roads he drives on. The more developed this knowledge is, the safer and better the outcome will be. The first test administered by VicRoads tests the candidate on this knowledge. It is a good idea for learner drivers to educate themselves on the rules before they start taking their lessons as it will prevent overload of information while on the road.


The attitude of the driver is as important as the skill and knowledge in handling the car. A safe driver is considerate and courteous and makes allowances for the shortcomings of other drivers on the road. Unlike skill and knowledge which are objective parameters, attitude is more subjective. The decisions that a driver makes on the road usually stems from his mental make-up. A positive, non-confrontational attitude which is devoid of any vengeful and competitive spirit usually makes for the safest driver.

A judicious mix of all the above characteristics makes a god and safe driver. For example, the hazard perception skills of a driver is a mix of his knowledge of the road and mental and visual awareness. A driver will achieve this mastery only with experience. No amount of bookish knowledge will compensate for a lack of experience behind the wheels with a supervising driver.

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